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On the Enlightened Practice podcast, our expert hosts share tips and tricks for establishing and streamlining a private practice, discuss tools for keeping yourself organized and chat about trending topics in mental healthcare. Let us enlighten you!

Meet Our Hosts

Kari Kagan, PsyD is a clinical psychologist who prides herself on helping her clients live a more meaningful, enjoyable life. Having set up her own private practice several years ago, she has an abundance of tips for others who are also just starting out.

Ken Braslow, MD is a psychiatrist with an active private practice and the founder and CEO of Luminello. Ken taps into his experience, along with his drive to help others optimize the efficiency of their own practices, to lead an engaging, industry-specific conversation with his co-host Kari.

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03. Scheduling. Part II.

Dr. Ken Braslow and Kari Kagan continue their conversation on scheduling from the perspective of seasoned practitioners versus new grads looking to start a private practice.

02. Telehealth

In this episode of the Enlightened Practice podcast, Dr. Ken Braslow and Kari Kagan discuss Setting Up a Remote Practice.

01. Scheduling

In the first episode of the Enlightened Practice podcast, our hosts, Dr. Ken Braslow and Kari Kagan, talk about scheduling and the joys of putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

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