Measurement-based care

Monitor quality of care with rating scales and symptom measures

Luminello makes it easy for patients and clients to fill out rating scales and send them to you for review. No more paper to push back and forth. Simply pick your measure(s), pick the recipient, and click send. Once completed in the portal, you get notified to review the results, and with one-click you can add them to the chart.

Key Benefits of Measurement-Based Care:

  • Validate clinical findings with objective data
  • Involve patients and clients more closely in their care
  • Easily bill for rating scale review with CPT 96127 (depending on specialty, location, and insurance carrier)
  • Groups: Monitor clinician and practice-wide metrics to ensure quality of care
  • Choose from nine common rating scale assessments: PHQ-9, GAD-7, MDQ, ASRS, CGI, and for CAPs, the four Vanderbilt rating scales
  • Send your rating scales directly to the portal, or administer and complete yourself during appointments
  • Add the responses to your charts with just one click
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Expand Your Practice with Telehealth