Patient/Client Portal

Save time and worries with our patient/client portal

To save you time during the busy day and reduce any worries about hipaa compliance and security of information, Luminello provides a portal for your patients/clients to communicate with you and manage their information.

Simply invite your patients to Luminello when you create their chart. They get an invitation from Luminello to create an account of their own. Our secure, hipaa-compliant email system looks and works just like regular email programs your patients are use to using. And, we help your practice look even better with a user-friendly and convenient experience for patients and clients.


  • keep your communications secure and HIPAA compliant
  • reduce confusion and no-shows with appointment notifications and reminders
  • save time by having patients/clients fill in their own demographic, insurance, custom forms, and credit card info.
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Free accounts include:

  • HIPAA-compliant email messaging
  • appointment notifications and reminders
  • great customer support and helpful articles

Advanced portal features: Premium feature

  • create their own insurance-ready billing statements
  • enter or update their own demographic info
  • e-consent to practice policies or other documents
  • send custom intake questionnaires that automatically populate your intake note
  • send rating scales and measures that can be added to a chart with one click
  • see their next appointment on their dashboard
  • see a customized message on their dashboard (such as instructions to get to your office, an out-of-office message, etc.)
  • see a link to a map of your office location on their dashboard

Add-on Features are also available and allow you to: Add-on feature

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Expand Your Practice with Telehealth

Expand Your Practice with Telehealth