Pre-Screening & In-Take Forms

Our mental health pre-screening forms streamline your intake process Premium feature

How long do you spend pre-screening prospective new patients/clients? Initial screening calls (not to mention phone tag!) take an inordinate amount of your time, and the majority of online web forms out there are not HIPAA-compliant. Our secure, HIPAA-compliant patient intake form covers the essential clinical, scheduling, and payment information that therapists and mental health professionals need to know in order to move forward in the screening process.

In addition, your Public Profile is displayed on the same page, making it easy and convenient to show your general availability and information alongside the request form. And, we will time-stamp your availability for you automatically, which prospective patients/clients overwhelmingly prefer when faced with contacting multiple clinicians.

Once a request is accepted, you can streamline the intake process even more by having patients and clients:

  • fill out their own demographic info
  • enter their credit card info
  • book online
  • e-sign policy forms
  • complete rating scales
  • complete questionnaires, which can automatically populate your intake note with one click!
  • and more in the portal

Pre-screening Request Form

Here’s an example of how mental health clinicians can use our pre-screen request form:

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