Luminello for Training Programs

Luminello loves psychiatry residents and fellows, and psych assistants and therapist trainees, and we love their training programs too! Read on to see how training programs can save 50% on a Luminello subscription.

How to qualify

You must be an ACGME-approved psychiatry residency or fellowship, or a psychology or therapy training program approved by your applicable governing body.

How to apply

Email us at [email protected] and tell us your organization’s legal name, location, website and a brief description of your program.

The review process

We review all applications to ensure they meet our criteria for the Training Program discount. We may request additional information if we are unsure about your status.

If your application isn’t approved, you’re welcome to apply in the future if the status status of your organization changes.

While any clinician can use Luminello, not every organization will meet our eligibility requirements to qualify for this program. Luminello holds sole discretion for setting these guidelines and determining an organization’s ability to participate in this discount program. We reserve the right to grant, deny or revoke an organization’s application or participation at any time, for any reason, and to supplement or amend our eligibility guidelines at any time.

Billing changes

If you’ve been approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation with further instructions.

Note: We do not offer refunds for subscription fees paid prior to being approved.

Tip: We also offer discounts for eligible Community Mental Health Clinics

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