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2018-2019 ICD – 10 Codes are live!

We have recently made some updates to the assessment codes. Click here to see the changes that are specific to mental health. If you have any questions about a specific assessment code, please feel free to

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Best Articles for Psychiatry Residents

Here is a list of what I think are the best articles for psychiatry residents to read (in addition to a basic textbook): Ask yourself with each article: how is this article going to help

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12 best Web sites for clinical needs

Nearly 1 in 4 Internet users has searched the Web for mental health information,1 but finding reliable sources is challenging. Wading through poorly organized, variable quality sites to find information you need can be time-consuming

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Golden rules for difficult-to-treat patients

Below is a short list of golden rules for psychiatrist and therapists working with difficult-to-treat patients and clients. 1. STOP! If the treatment is not going well, stop and re-evaluate the situation instead of frantically

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progress note

The Humble Progress Note

By definition, a “progress note” should be a written record of the degree of our patients’ progress. We can all agree on this much, and this is pretty much where the agreement ends. TCR has

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Private practice time wasters

Don’t screw up in the last 5 seconds!

There is a saying from Lao Tzu that I have carried with me ever since I first read it in my teenage years. It ends with the admonition: “Be as careful at the end as at

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How to Reduce Medication Risk for You and Your Patients

When minimizing risks for patients, one concern psychiatrists regularly face is the potential side effects of medications, such as metabolic changes or weight gain that could lead to increased mortality or cardiovascular risk. What precautions

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Problematic Use of the Internet and Social Media

Dr. Moreno, please tell us a little about your background. Dr. Moreno: I am a pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist. My primary areas of research are social media and problematic Internet use. What exactly is

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