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The Services You Provide

When I first started out as a therapist, if you asked me what services I would be providing, I would have paused and with some confusion stated, “Uh, therapy”. Finally, after years in the field,

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Who You Will Serve

As we begin our journey as mental health professionals, there are many things to consider. Whether it’s office space, EHR programs, or clinical supervisors, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Although many

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Starting a private practice

Starting A Private Practice: Part 1

Ah, the dream of opening a therapy or psychiatry private practice! Whether you’re a psychiatry resident making less than minimum wage or a clinic employee seeing ever more patients, the allure is powerful. But, just

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7 Tips for Networking in Private Practice

Getting started in private practice can be an exciting yet daunting venture for mental health practitioners. While most people go into it with a solid clinical foundation, tackling the business and finance side of a

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running private practice

Running a Psychiatry Private Practice

Dr. Dunne, please tell us about your training and experience in helping psychiatrists work as independent practitioners. Dr. Dunne: I have been involved in the psychiatry private practice committee of the American Academy of Child

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