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credit card processing

How does credit card processing work?

The cast of characters that intervene between the merchant (you) and your patient/client’s credit card can be overwhelming to understand. Each component organization plays a vital role, yet also wants their piece of the pie

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Integrating Technology in Your Practice

Dr. Elhai, you are a psychologist and researcher on PTSD, but I wanted to interview you because I know you have a strong interest in how mental health practitioners can use digital technology to communicate

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Telepsychiatry: What You Need to Know

The Carlat Psychiatry Report last covered telepsychiatry back in 2010. At that point, it seemed like a cool technology that some of you might want to use. Since then, telemedicine in general has taken off,

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Pros and Cons of Adopting an EHR

TCPR: Dr. Daviss, you are the chair of the Committee on Electronic Health Records (EHR) for the APA. What does that entail? Dr. Daviss: The charge of this committee is to follow developments in electronic

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Electronic Communication with Patients

Dr. Luo, there are so many forms of electronic communication out there now—from email to blogs to Twitter. What do psychiatrists need to know about using technology to communicate with our patients? Dr. Luo: We

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