Welcome graduating psychiatry residents

An EMR built for new graduates

We’ve been there. Wrapping up training, and thinking about starting a new private practice, but not sure exactly where to begin or what all is needed. That’s why we’d like to make one of your biggest decisions much easier – choosing an EMR and practice management tool to use in your new practice. New grads can sign up now for free and start using Luminello in minutes.

Luminello starts at … free!

While you are finishing up training and have no/few patients, the last thing you want is a monthly bill. But if you are excited to get a jump on everything you need to do to set up your practice, Luminello’s user-friendly, clean design and Free for Life plan lets you start organizing your practice and seeing patients without the extra cost. In under an hour, you can start using Luminello’s features – set up your public profile, create your pre-screening form, set up real (or dummy) charts, start writing notes, invite your patients to the portal and securely message with them, track billings, and much more!

No more clunky, old school EMRs

Once your practice is running and growing, you can choose to add modern, powerful features, such as e-prescribing, custom templates and questionnaires, online booking, credit card and insurance billing, and more. And, Luminello is a modern, cloud-based app, so you can put the clunky, painful systems you used in training behind you!

Designed for psychiatrists

Luminello was created by a psychiatrist to meet the specific needs of a mental health private practice. We designed it to be user-friendly with simple, intuitive features to help you quickly complete your regular tasks and save time each day.

      • Notes/Charting
      • Custom note templates
      • E-prescribing plans, with controlled substances in all 50 states
      • HIPAA-compliant messaging
      • Calendar & online appointment booking
      • Custom questionnaires and admin forms
      • Integrated rating scales/symptoms measures
      • Billing & statement creation
      • integrated credit card processing (optional add-on)
      • Insurance billing (optional add-on)
      • Public profile and online pre-screening form
      • Patient portal: secure messaging, pay bills, book appointments, create statements, sign policies, and complete rating scales/questionnaires that integrate into chart.
      • Email-based customer support that responds in hours, not days
      • Free onboarding assistance

And there is no contract, allowing you to go month-to-month and cancel anytime.

Special Psychiatry Residents Offer

Sign up for any e-prescribing plan within 3 months after graduation and get three additional free months of a premium plan. Or, try our free account as long as you like!

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Start for free.
Add more as you need it.

Luminello was designed by a psychiatrist who saw the need for a better solution to help mental health providers manage their practices. Ease, efficiency and compliant.

  • Use our free plan as long as you like
  • Add powerful features with our premium plans and add-ons
  • No contract. Cancel anytime.

And, if you sign up for any e-prescribing plan within 3 months after graduation you’ll get three additional free months of any premium plan.


“This is the first out of many EMRs I’ve tried that is intuitive to use and has the features I need without the unwieldly bulk that I don’t. I love using Luminello.”

Sarah O’Neil, M.D., Psychiatrist, Newton, MA


“For me, Luminello really stands out amongst a sea of complex, non-intuitive, and tedious EHRs. It’s streamlined and truly simple. I’ve spent countless hours of my life in training for the various EMRs I’ve had to use over the years. Every time though, I still had to stumble through and ask colleagues for help to start effectively using the systems. With Luminello, I barely even had to glance at the instructional videos. That’s how intuitive and user-friendly it is.”

Xenia Borue, M.D., Ph.D., Child Psychiatrist
Pittsburgh, PA