Sophisticated Reports for Practices of Any Size

How’s our cash flow? Are all notes signed? How well are patients/clients improving? Use our powerful reports to answer the most important business questions for your group.

Key Reports:

  • Accounts receivables summary
  • Appointment “end-of-day” status report
  • Appointments without signed notes
  • Billings not submitted to insurance yet
  • Billings not invoiced yet
  • Claim status tracker
  • Clinical care hours scheduled per week per clinician
  • CPT code by clinician
  • CPT code by payer
  • Days since last appointment
  • Denied claims by payer
  • Income by clinician
  • Invoice status tracker
  • Measurement-based care metrics by clinician by chart
  • Measurement-based care metrics by clinician vs practice
  • Overdue tasks
  • Outstanding invoices balance (30-60-90 day format) so you can see which of your patients/clients accounts are past due
  • Outstanding claims by payer (30-60-90 day format) so you can efficiently followup with insurance companies on late claims
  • Telehealth vs in-person
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What Can You Do With Luminello Reports?

With a few clicks, you can track all the essentials you need to run your practice, from solo practice to large clinic or group. Once a report is run, you can:

  • Act on outstanding balances efficiently to maximize revenue
  • Look for areas of strength or challenges within your clinical staff
  • Understand how your clinical staff spends their time
  • Contact payers with questions or challenges efficiently
  • Import data into Quickbooks or other financial management software
  • Send to your accountant or financial consultant for analysis

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Expand Your Practice with Telehealth