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Join us each week as our Education Coordinator, Melissa, covers a variety of topics including how to set up your public profile, patients overview, working with questionnaires, and more.

E-prescribing and e-labs essentials – July 27, 3 pm EST

  • Sending e-prescriptions
  • Running Prescription Reports 
  • Getting started with PDMP
  • Processing e-prior authorizations
  • Sending e-lab orders
  • Accessing e-lab results

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Insurance and billing basics – July 28, 3 pm EST

  • Setting up your account to send insurance claims through Luminello
  • Putting together the required steps for claim submissions 
  • Submitting an insurance claim
  • Next steps after claim submission through Luminello
  • Tracking submitted insurance claims
  • Viewing, adding, editing and deleting billing transactions
  • Setting up payers and rates
  • Setting up billing codes
  • Setting up superbills
  • Creating and sending billing statements

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Form Builder basics – July 29, 3 pm EST

  • Types of forms that can be built with the Form Builder
  • Creating and editing a custom form or template using the Form Builder
  • Viewing and editing forms
  • Hiring us to build or edit your forms

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