Why Luminello

Designed for and by mental health professionals

Built by clinicians

  • Who knows the kind of pain points, roadblocks and grunt work that goes into running a practice more than veteran colleagues. Luminello was designed and is actively led by a psychiatrist, and we know the challenges that psychiatrists, therapists, psychiatric nurse practitioners (PNPs), psychologists, social workers and counselors feel day to day. As a mental health clinician, you don’t need all the extra bloat of an EMR designed for primary care or hospitals and you won’t want the associated price tag either. Luminello is clean, simple, and focused on our field’s needs.
  • Whether you already use another EMR, or if you’re a recent grad feeling overwhelmed with the logistics that go into managing your own private practice, we’ve got you covered. Our specially designed mental health EMR is highly intuitive and easy to set up- whether you’re bringing existing data over, or starting from scratch.

Priced for our community

  • Our core EMR is, and will always be, FREE.  If you require more advanced features, such as the ability to e-prescribe labs and controlled substances in all 50 states, then our premium and prescribing plans are for you. Plus, you have the option to add on practical extended features such as insurance billing, credit card payments, and more on an as-needed basis.
  • If you’re a recent grad, we’re here to grow with you! We offer a lite prescriber plan and the lowest priced full-featured therapist plan in the industry.
  • If you’re upgrading features and/or downsizing cost from another EMR, check out our contract buster offer!

Simple and intuitive

  • An EMR should follow the lead of the user, not the other way around. Luminello makes each step intuitive, and purposefully keeps the design simple and elegant. This means the learning curve is much easier to tackle than other EMRs.
  • Just because your previous EMR might have taken you forever to learn, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it! Luminello is designed for mental health professionals, by mental health professionals who also appreciate the value of a free, comprehensive onboarding process.
  • Are you a recent grad just starting out on your journey in private practice? There is enough to worry about without a complicated EMR being one. Luminello is informed by real-time practice, and workflows are built based on feedback from mental health clinicians in everyday practice.

Dedicated support

  • Our customer service team is dedicated to your success. A team of highly trained professionals are ready to answer any questions you have, or solve an issue within hours- not days or weeks like other platforms. We also have a robust knowledge base that we’re always adding to, with step-by-step instructions, videos, and webinars.
  • We offer a free onboarding session to all subscribers to get you up and running quickly, and webinars on essential topics.
  • Premium-plan subscribers can access support via email, chat, and pre-booked screenshares and phone calls.
  • We’re also always improving  to better suit the needs of our community, so feedback is important to us.  We’re dedicated to growing our platform in meaningful ways, which means we carefully consider feature requests from our subscribers. In fact, suggestions from clinicians like you have led to some of our most important upgrades.

Clinicians we serve

Luminello was designed by and for psychiatrists and therapists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and we have a special place in our hearts for graduating psychiatry residents/fellows and graduating psych assistants and therapy trainees.

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