Why choose Luminello

Already use another EMR?

Our price is nice

Our core EMR is and will always be free. Plus, we offer e-rx/EPCS as an add-on, and we’re working hard toward bringing you more premium features you won’t be able to resist.

Simpler, more intuitive flow

An EMR should follow the lead of the user, not the other way around. Luminello makes each step intuitive and graceful.

Not just an EMR – a practice manager

In addition to the core charting, billing, scheduling, e-prescribing and email features, we offer features that no one else does. Pre-screen patients/clients to save valuable time; link to CME that helps you grow professionally; and send and receive consults effortlessly.

Secure and ad-free

We do not sell your patients’ data or bombard you with ads, unlike the “free” EMRs.

Help when you need it

We give you step-by-step instructions and videos, and webinars to get you started. And if you ever get stuck, just email us – we love hearing from our customers!

No hard sell

At Luminello, a contract is never required. It’s easy to take your notes with you if you want to leave. And we’ll even give you a money-back guarantee.

Designed for mental health professionals

Luminello was founded by a psychiatrist, so we know the pain that psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners (PNPs), psychologists, social workers, and masters-level therapists feel. Even allied health professionals such as occupational therapists (OT), physical therapists (PT), speech therapists and educational therapists will feel right at home. You don’t need all the extra bloat the EMRs designed for primary care or hospitals have – or their associated price tag. Luminello is clean, simple, and focused on our needs.

Designed for the little guy

Luminello is for solo and small to mid-size group practices, and designed and priced accordingly. That means a friendly, easy program and fair pricing.

Use Microsoft Word or pen/paper?

Save time and increase revenue

Using an integrated all-in-one system will free up non-billable time that is spent on tedious tasks, such as handwriting notes, printing out or copying emails into the chart, handwriting prescriptions, or printing and mailing billing statements. This frees up time for you to see more patients/clients.

Notes in no time

  • You can dictate right into our standard note template.
  • You can use text shortcuts for your most commonly used phrases.
  • You can clone the most recent note and then make simple changes.

Easy e-Rx

Send prescriptions, including controlled substances, electronically. No more ordering prescription pads, dealing with calls from pharmacies because they can’t read your handwriting, or mailing prescriptions to patients in between sessions. And when you send an e-rx, the medication list automatically gets updated – no more wasted paperwork.

Email integration

Send emails to patients/clients or treatment team members, and with a click or two add them to the chart. How much simpler can it get?

Automatic backup

Never worry about your hard drive crashing, or spilling water (or worse) on your charts. Our system is backed up every few hours – one less thing for you to think about.

HIPAA hooray!

Do you want to spend time on bringing your practice into compliance? Why not just outsource as much of that as you can to us? We’ll even put it in writing for you.

Time stamp … and you’re set

If you are ever questioned, our system proves that you did what you did when you said you did it.