About Luminello

Our Story

Luminello was founded by Ken Braslow, MD, after years of experiencing the hassles of EMRs that didn’t “think” the way he did in his daily practice. He needed a one-stop shop for all the essentials in running a psychiatry practice, a system that knows the nuances of mental health care, and one that is clean, simple, and fast. He found other EMRs to be way more complex than what he needed and painful to use, slowing down his daily routine. After much searching, he realized what he envisioned is what needed to be built, and Luminello was born.

Dr. Braslow set out to create an EMR for the mental health community, with friendly, responsive customer service at a reasonable price. He knew it needed to be designed based on his experience and the real-world private practice of other therapists, psychiatrists and counselors – in essence, an EMR that he would want to use in his everyday work (and he does!).

We hope you find Luminello to be a refreshing, valuable tool to help you run your private practice. And, read some of the Luminello reviews from current customers to hear what they have to say about their experience.

Our Mission and Philosophy

To bring simplicity, efficiency and joy to mental healthcare providers, and more time for connection with current and future patients/clients.

The Luminello Team

Ken Braslow, MD, CEO

Ken Braslow, MD, Founder/CEO

Dr. Braslow is a board-certified psychiatrist in Child/Adolescent & Adult Psychiatry with an active private practice in San Francisco and Berkeley, CA. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and has spoken widely on and gives consultation to providers about improving practice management. LinkedIn

Jack Macy, Co-Founder

Jack Macy, Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer

Jack Macy is a user experience and design-centric product strategist and marketer who has helped companies define, build and grow valuable experiences for their customers. He also happens to be married to an amazing neuropsychologist. LinkedIn

Jung Moon, CTO

Jung Moon, Chief Technology Officer

Jung Moon is a veteran web developer and strategist who gives life to innovative technological ideas. He leads our technology operations and busy team of software engineers. LinkedIn

Kim Wong, Director of Finance

Kim is a start-up and venture capital finance expert with over 25 years experience working with early-stage companies. Previously he co-founded both an investment banking firm and a venture capital company that specialized in the funding and analysis of these companies.

Customer Success Team

Krystle Falzetta

Krystle Falzetta, Director of Operations

Krystle is Luminello’s mover and shaker. She applies her experience in customer service, marketing and administrative support help make Luminello great for our subscribers. She loves finding creative solutions to challenges, and enjoys learning about people and cultures around the world.

Warren Bryan

Warren Bryan, The Satisfaction Generator

Warren is an experienced customer service representative who prides himself on providing five-star support and assistance — he’s been helping diverse organizations locally and internationally for over 5 years. He also enjoys being an author and speaker in his free time.

Ricardo Gonzales

Ricardo González, Customer Service Ninja

Ricardo has enjoyed providing quality customer service since 2009. He’s worked for a variety of organizations and truly enjoys stepping in and helping others. He practices and teaches Chinese martial arts in his free time.

Quality Assurance Team

Keshev Joshi, Quality Assurance

Keshav Joshi, Bug Hunter

Keshav is a software tester with proficient knowledge of different aspects of application review and testing who believes high quality and great performance are the key to success for any software. In his career, he has helped a variety of apps and domains achieve zero bug balance.

Pankaj Joshi, Quality Assurance

Pankaj Joshi, The Exterminator

Pankaj is a software engineer with proficient knowledge of different aspects of development and testing who believes in quality over quantity. He feels software is critical in all parts of our lives, understands the need for apps to “just work”, and has loved working on different domains and applications.

Advisory Team

Phil Boissiere, MFT
Daniel Carlat, MD
Glen Elliot, PhD, MD
Natalie Gluck, MD
Stephen Hinshaw, PhD
Jonathan Horowitz, PhD
Kari Kagan, PsyD