Invoicing and auto-pay make billing a breeze Premium feature

Spend your time treating your patients and clients, not chasing payments. Gain visibility, track overdue payments and automate charges. Learn more about how invoicing software works for therapists and mental health professionals.

Invoicing Features

Enjoy the following invoicing benefits:

  • Set up auto-payments – one of our most popular features!
  • Easily bill for co-pays
  • Send auto-reminders on invoice due dates
  • Add transactions to invoices before or after being submitted to insurance

Easily manage outstanding balances practice-wide

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Set up auto-pay to make billing a breeze

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Easily send reminders for overdue payments:

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Simple and easy-to-read invoices.

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Complicated billing, made simple

For practices that take insurance, or have intricate billing structures such as charging for certain sessions and not others, easily manage your outstanding payments with our invoicing features

With our invoicing software, transactions can be added to invoices before or after being submitted to insurance, In addition, transactions that are submitted to insurance in bulk are invoiced together automatically. The ability to set up auto-payments, send auto-reminders, and allow patients to view all their invoices (and pay them all at once) in the new portal invoicing area will free up your time to help patients instead of chasing payments or managing charges.

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