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Reviews & Testimonials

Luminello Reviews from Our Users

Read what your fellow therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse pracitioners, counselors, office managers and more say about their experience using Luminello.

Kristen M, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Baldwinsville, NY

Customer service has been fabulous – especially compared to my last EMR. Weekend hours, quick email or chat response, ability to have 10 min zoom call for help, friendliness of staff are outstanding. Price compared to my last service is half the price for a better product. This program is simple, user friendly and easy for both staff and patients to use.

Natalie Gluck, M.D. Psychiatrist, New York, NY

Prior to setting up a private practice, I did a lot of research into different EHR systems. I ultimately chose Luminello because of it’s simple, elegant design, and because I believe it is the only EMR that was created by a psychiatrist. I have been thrilled with my choice. I now recommend Luminello to all of my colleagues.

Emily Mazza, Owner, Mazza Virtual Assistants Ewa Beach, HI

As a virtual assistant specializing in the mental health industry, I have worked with many EMR/EHR systems. Luminello is really intuitive, easy to use, and efficient for all the features it has. I would highly recommend it for those that have not used an EMR system before or are looking for an easier solution.

Sarah R., Psychotherapist

When I began using Luminello, I would reach out to customer support multiple times per week and their responses were invaluable in the beginning stages of opening my clinic. I’ve used other software for clinical documentation and realized through using Luminello the importance of a user-friendly patient portal, online booking, document signing, and direct communication between clinics and the insurance clearing house

Xenia Borue, M.D., Ph.D., Child Psychiatrist Pittsburgh, PA

For me, Luminello really stands out amongst a sea of complex, non-intuitive, and tedious EHRs. It’s streamlined and truly simple. I’ve spent countless hours of my life in training for the various EMRs I’ve had to use over the years. Every time though, I still had to stumble through and ask colleagues for help to start effectively using the systems. With Luminello, I barely even had to glance at the instructional videos. That’s how intuitive and user-friendly it is.

John J. DiLallo, M.D., Child Psychiatrist New York, NY

For a long time my child psychiatrist colleagues and I deliberated about which EHR program to try for our private practices. I gave Luminello a try after finding out that it is designed by and for psychiatrists. I am quite happy with my decision– the record entry modes are great for my needs, the e-prescribing function has been seamless and efficient, the statement/ receipt generator saves me time, and the secure communication portal solves my HIPAA concerns. Best of all is the attitude of the founder, who seems very responsive to user feedback and keen on making the most useful system out there for people like me.

Leslie Marino, M.D., Psychiatrist New York, NY

I must say my experience with the customer service is a breath of fresh air. I was using practice fusion which was a nightmare! Decided to take a chance and switch to Luminello. I’m glad I did!

Dan Barrett, D.O., Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist Lafayette, CA

Having tried several EHR solutions I am delighted with Luminello’s ease of use. It is very clearly designed by a mental health provider for mental health providers. The customer service is exceptionally responsive. The team makes me feel like they care about solving problems I encounter. Even better, they fix it very quickly.

Emily Tejani, M.D., Child Psychiatrist San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I also love Luminello! Just switched over from Practice Fusion. As my practice grew I found it difficult to work efficiently while using Practice Fusion. The screen always felt too busy for the needs of a psych private practitioner. I had to click and change screens too often and couldn’t customize as much as I would have liked. Customer service was unresponsive (my help desk questions often went unanswered). Their super-bill feature was cumbersome. Since switching to Luminello I have been much happier and able to finish my work more quickly. Customer service is incredibly responsive!

Customer Support Reviews:

November 2023

I so appreciate the patience that Pablo had with explaining to me how to resolve my billing issue. Pablo is always polite and very knowledgeable. I am very grateful for his help.

I am very appreciative of the quick, friendly and knowledgeable response I received today. Thank you so much.

October 2023

Diana did an amazing job on the demo and follow up... Even while being under the weather!!

I continue to be very pleased at the quick responses to my questions! It is a relief to know assistance is available and timely!

Yanko was very efficient and polite. I had three requests and he handled each of them very professionally and kindly!

Abraham was very responsive and took care of my issue rather quickly. Very attentive.

"Amazing! This was the best customer service ever. I asked 25 questions about your platform - some of them intricate, and honestly I didn't expect Luminello would be able to do many of the features I requested. I have been using dedicated, specialty software for billing, calendaring, and writing prescriptions, and the programs I use are so feature-rich I didn't think an EHR designed to be ""easy to use"" (my programs are somewhat obtuse) would match them. The customer service rep was able to answer every question, and was able to tell me with confidence that Luminello does all but one of my asks (wanting columins in my notes designs). I was so excited."

September 2023

I received the exact information I needed in a timely fashion.

Nicole is always awesome and very helpful. She has always been able to answer my questions or send me to someone who can.

A very prompt response and willingness to respond to my request.

August 2023

It was a pleasure meeting you today Amanda. I learned a lot about Luminello from you. I appreciate the step by step explanation about how Luminello works and the accompanying information you emailed to me. Appreciate greatly. Chinasa

Salma was very helpful, and had a very positive demeanor. Thank you.

She was patient and great at explaining everything thoroughly!

Yanko was exceptional in supporting my clinical work - in fact, EVERY SINGLE ENCOUNTER I've had with the Luminello help staff has been exceptional. I was skeptical at first that this kind of help would really help and was put off by the feeling "I need help NOW" of not understanding something but now that I know I can trust the system, schedule a help time for the next day and get expert, real-time answers - I am feeling so positively about my luminello experience - I hope this doesn't change!

Pablo provided definitive and useful answers and ways to resolve the issues. Thank you!

July 2023

This company has great customer service

Nicole was fast and helpful. I always appreciate working with her.

Jean was thorough in her request. She gave easy to follow instructions that I had no difficulty executing. She followed up and clarified the next step was irreversible. I felt confident Jean was providing great concern for the patient as well as for me as the provider in understanding the significance of the process she was requesting of me. Thank you Jean for your complete support.

Nicole was great at getting me the information I needed (that patients weren't opting into receive SMS) and sent an article I can share with patients, saving me the time of finding it. A great experience.

June 2023

Very quick reply from Salma (within 30 minutes!). Her direction was clear and enabled me to solve the problem. So grateful for Luminello support!

Jenny was very good to answer all my questions. She is knowledgeable of the product she was presenting.

Thank you so much!! Emmanuel Mesa, you were incredibly quick to respond and this was very helpful!

Found a helpful, creative, effective solution!

Not only was my question answered, the explanation was clear and the directions easy to follow. I appreciate the help.

Resolved problem quickly and communicated results with skill. Thanks

As always your team is wonderful. Pablo is so patient and understanding. He never gets angry and he never gives up to solve the problem. It is a pleasure to work with all of you. Thank you so much for your support.

Customer support this past Friday was great! He was patient and walked me through everything he felt could be the issue.

It is always a pleasure to work with your support team. Everyone is very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. I truly appreciate all you do to help me run the office more efficiently.

The consultation was excellent and very informative.

May 2023

Gina is consistently thorough and helpful in her responses.

Emmanuel has spent a significant amount of time making sure I understand everything there is to know about building forms on Luminello. He never says something I need can't be done, instead he helps me understand the bigger picture and figure out a way to get to the end result I need. His responses are always incredibly fast. I believe one of the reasons I have been so happy with luminello has been working with him and the others I've interacted with in support. I truly appreciate the support

The support was great. I requested a call back and received one fairly promptly, was able to come up with a plan to resolve the issue quickly and not take any time away from patient care.

Nicole Nova did a great job guiding me! Thank you so much!

Your customer service has been absolutely superb and reinforces why I chose Luminello as my EHR!

Katsu was very helpful and did a great job answering my questioins!

Excellent service and responsiveness! I appreciate having you available.

Your customer service is 100% the best I have ever had with any EMR. Every interaction has been fabulous.

Your support team is wonderful. Pablo spent extra time with me and was so very patient and understanding. I so appreciate his kindness and his knowledge.

The Team has been INCREDIBLE. You have all made this incredibly stressful situation so much better through your patience, attention, support, and hard work to demerge my practice. I am incredibly grateful to each of you who has helped me. I know this has been a BIG project, and I am so thankful for how you have fast-tracked this process to make it as smooth as possible. Thank you so much. I wish I could send you all lunch, but definitely will continue to highly recommend Luminello to every person looking for an EHR that I meet.

April 2023

You are fabulous. Customer service is already so much better than Valant.

Emmanuel is one of the most helpful customer service support people I have ever emailed with in my entire life. Top notch customer service.

Your customer service is 100% the best I have ever had with any EMR. Every interaction has been fabulous.

Great service! So helpful and went the extra mile!

It was great !!!! Thanks for your help and support. With your help I was able to resolve the issue.

It was super helpful, thanks for asking. Next time I'm struggling with tech issues, I'll probably schedule a session like that again. It was much more efficient than attempting to troubleshoot on my own or by email. Thanks again for your expert help.

Customer support is always spot on. Quick and helpful.

March 2023

Hi, Abraham was very helpful and patient. We had a wonderful experience. All of our questions were answered.

As a new user to this EMR (which is feature full) I strongly appreciate the help delivered in a timely manner as I begin my practice. Thanks!

Yanks was most helpful agent I had so far. He took me through each step one by one in a very calm and professional way to help me with everything! He really was helpful . I’m very pleased with his help .

She was GREAT!!! She is the first IT person (not at Luminello) who has ever been so, patient, polite, and knowledgeable. Kudos for Nicole!!!

Excellent experience with my demo, preparing to watch the video recording sent to me now before testing it out. Many thanks and much appreciated!

February 2023

Very helpful. Quick to resolve my issue. Happy with my customer service response today. Thank you Abraham!

I love that the response was quick and fast, almost immediately

Abraham provides exceptional service!

Excellent service! Very fast reply in an urgent situation. Thank you so much Leslie!

It was great! So great I have requested to use Iris for my onboarding when the time comes. Thank you again!

January 2023

Khalil is always so helpful!! Very grateful whenever he is available to assist

Diana provided me with every answer to any questions I had in a fun, respectful, and educational way. I am so excited to see what else Luminello can do, and I appreciate how easy this process has been so far. Diana conducted the absolute best software demonstration I have ever attended! Thank you, Diana!

The trainer was accommodating with all my questions, and she made the training easy to follow.

Really helpful meeting. Rueben was responsive on answering our questions and explaining the features of the website

Very quick response explained clearly and was very helpful anticipating what else I might need help with

I commend Yanko for assisting me with all my queries and answering quickly. Thank you

It was great! Teressa solved my problem in a short time. I greatly appreciate it.

The technician that helped me was super helpful and I really appreciate her troubleshooting with me to get my issues resolved.

December 2022

Great service. Very patient with me. Was sincerely trying to find solutions for me. Thanks a lot Leslie!

Allison is very thorough and clear, it is really appreciated.

Love Khalil! He's very on top of his game

Always courteous and knowledgeable. Khalil has answered my questions on multiple occasions and he has always been patient and very helpful. Thanks!

It was wonderful! You guys consistently have such kind and helpful customer service! Thank you!

Thank you. It was great. We accomplished everything we needed to.

My assistance from Abraham was helpful and allowed me to move forward within minutes. It was appreciated!

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