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Electronic notes for therapists and mental health professionals made easy

Writing patient/client notes in an electronic/health medical record (EMR/EHR) should be simple and lightweight. With that in mind, we designed our mental health charting tool to be clean and user-friendly, yet highly functional for private practices. That way therapists can use our mental health documentation software to dive right into their notes without distraction.

Note Types

We offer several types of therapy notes to choose from:

  • Intake notes
  • Follow-up/SOAP notes
  • Free text notes
  • Rating scale notes
  • Labs notes
  • Vitals notes
  • and, premium subscribers can create custom note templates (more info below)

Plus, any note can be “cloned” for speedy note writing. For example, an intake note can be cloned to quickly create your first follow-up/SOAP note – we take the O, A, and P (sorry S sections!) from your intake and clone it into the follow-up note to keep you moving quickly.

Here is a glimpse of what the assessment and plan areas look like in a SOAP note. You can quickly sign up for a free account and begin touring our note features for yourself.

Click/tap the image to zoom-in

Custom note templates Premium feature

Premium Luminello subscribers have the ability to create their own unique custom note templates, to be superimposed on top of any of our basic templates (intake, follow-up, and free text). Start by giving your template a name in our form builder tool, add your own custom fields as checkboxes, dropdowns, multiple-choice, free text, and more, then save your new custom template.

When you go to compose a note, pick which template you wish to use, and your custom questions and answer choices will be displayed. Click away instead of typing! Then, when you save the note, the responses you have inputted will be beautifully displayed in the saved note. Plus, you can create as many templates as you want.

In addition, our custom questionnaires allow therapists and mental health clinicians to collect info from their patients/clients and then send that info directly into an intake or follow-up note. For example, your intake questionnaires can pre-fill an intake note with a click!

What makes our therapy & mental health documentation software special?

Here’s why mental health and therapy professionals love using our notes & documentation software:

  • Book a follow-up appointment or send an e-prescription with a click.
  • Bill for a session right from a note.
  • Add an addendum with a click.
  • Easily email a note or a chart to a treatment team member.
  • Notes are auto-saved every 2 minutes while you compose them.
  • View the version history of your note drafts, and select an earlier draft.
  • It’s free — as part of our standard EMR/EHR!

How do I make note taking quicker?

  • Use our clone note feature to automatically copy and paste the previous note – then just make adjustments as needed.
  • Use our premium clone all notes feature on your dashboard to open up a copy of the last note for every client/patient on your schedule for the day – simultaneously, with just one click.
  • Use our premium custom note templates to click instead of type
  • Premium users can create custom text snippet shortcuts for inserting common phrases and text with just a couple of keystrokes.
  • Import answers from questionnaires into notes with just a click!

Quick Links to Carlat Diagnostic info and CMEs/CEUs

Through an exclusive partnership with The Carlat Report (TCR), when selecting a diagnosis in a note, you can easily view relevant TCR articles, making professional growth and day-to-day practice more unified. Luminello users can also subscribe to TCR for a discount.

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