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Easily collect and store info using clinician forms for therapists & mental health practices Premium feature

Forms of all types are a critical part of a mental health private practice daily routine. To save you time and streamline your data gathering and note writing, Luminello offers premium subscribers the ability to use rating scales and create custom forms to fit their clinical and administrative needs.

Our clinician form creator tool allows therapists and mental health professionals to create custom note templates, custom questionnaires and custom administrative forms – more details on the last two below. And if you need help or are short on time, we are available to create forms for you and place them in your account – contact us for a quote.

From each chart’s dashboard, you can then directly send rating scales, questionnaires and administrative forms to patients/clients, You can also administer a rating scale/questionnaire yourself during an appointment, then easily filter to find them all in one place.

Pre-built forms

Luminello offers sample templates, questionnaires, and forms specifically for mental health clinicians. We’ve started with the basics: a policies form, release of information form, intake and follow-up questionnaires, and intake and follow-up note templates. The questionnaires and intakes are very detailed. Using our form editor, you can then customize them to your liking.

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Custom forms

Premium Luminello subscribers have the ability to create their own unique custom questionnaires and admin forms. Start by giving your form a name in our form builder tool, add your own custom fields as checkboxes, dropdowns, multiple choice, free text and more, then save your new custom form.

Custom questionnaires

Create custom questionnaires that can be sent to the portal, to be completed by your patients/clients. Questionnaire templates are also designed to populate the answers directly into an intake or follow-up note. So now your patients/clients have begun your notes for you!

Custom admin forms

You can also create custom forms for your general administrative needs (like policies or release of information), then send them to the portal to be completed. At the bottom of the form, ask the patient/client to type his/her name, and we’ll automatically convert it to a nifty-looking signature.

Rating scales

Rating scales/symptom measures are available in Luminello for premium plan subscribers. Choose from nine assessments that are in the public domain – PHQ-9, GAD-7, MDQ, ASRS, CGI, and for CAPs, the four Vanderbilt rating scales – then send them to the portal to be completed or administer yourself, then add the results to the chart with a click.

Hire us to build custom forms for you!

Short on time but want to add in additional items, or cut back on the details? Hire us to customize therapy clinician forms to your specifications – if you like, we can even set up a time on the phone or via screenshare where you can outline the changes you like, and we’ll give you an estimate before we begin any work.

Here are some ways we can customize these sample forms for you:

  • Build out DSM-V checklists for more rare disorders
  • Change the wording of questions or answers
  • Add your favorite additional subject matter
  • Remove questions – like those about kids if you only see adults, or those about certain symptoms you do not treat
  • Remove answers – for example, if you don’t like checklists
  • Customize wording, like from “patient” to “client”
  • And pretty much any other text customization. Let us know how we can save you time!

Let us know how we can save you time!

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Custom forms & templates

Hire us to create custom questionnaires and templates for you.

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