Expand Your Practice with Integrated Telehealth

Grow your practice and improve patient satisfaction by offering seamless virtual appointments through our integrated telehealth platform, powered by This powerful, HIPAA-compliant integration allows you to add and launch virtual appointments from your Luminello calendar and makes accessing your virtual waiting room just as easy for your patients.

Why add telehealth to your practice:

  • Keep track of all your appointments (in-office and virtual) on one calendar
  • Grow your audience by attracting and serving clients unable to travel to your location
  • Improve your service by adding the ability to quickly connect with patients in crisis
  • Reduce the number of missed appointments due to time and travel constraints

Easily add online appointments to your calendar:

Patients/clients can quickly join a virtual session from their patient portal:

Telehealth the Luminello way - simple and seamless

Today, many clinicians see telehealth as an essential business offering while patients and clients may even choose a psychiatrist or therapist based on the availability of virtual appointments. Luminello has wrapped this service option into the beautiful, easy to use platform our users have come to love. 

Patients will love the easy to use format and the ability to connect with their clinician from the comfort and privacy of their own home. And, accessing the service from their familiar patient portal helps to remove barriers for those clients/patients weary about adding another service or app to their phone or smart device. What’s more, Luminello offers free generic telehealth/video consent forms and patient instructions to help onboard your clients quickly and easily, you can customize your own, or you can hire Luminello to build your forms for you.

For more information on this easy to use feature, visit the help page for our Telehealth integration.

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Expand Your Practice with Telehealth