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Among our top motivations is to make using an EMR/EHR as quick as possible. To that end, we are constantly building in little gems (well, some are kinda big) that help you save time and spend less of it in Luminello – placing tools right where you need them, when you need them, and always with as few clicks as possible. We call them Time Savers!

Bulk clone notes

With one click from the dashboard, all your scheduled patients/clients for the day will have their charts opened and ready for you in separate tabs in your browser, and the most recent note for each will be pre-cloned for you, ready for you to work in.

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Text snippets

Create shortcut phrases to save time typing notes! Type a few characters into a note and this gets replaced by much longer stock phrases that you frequently use, such as for mental status exam descriptions, standard treatment plan recommendations, or phrases you commonly type in the subjective. Learn how text snippets work

Patients/client account self-administration

Once you’ve created a chart, patients/clients can enter or update all their own demographic info. At your discretion, they can create their own billing statements right in the portal. And if you’ve uploaded practice policies to the portal, they can view and e-consent to them.

To-do task manager

Each chart comes with a to-do list, which can be used to remind you to complete future tasks, like checking labs in a few months. Our “yellow sticky” feature means you’ll always be reminded when you open the chart, and tasks due today are conveniently displayed on the dashboard. You can also create to-dos for things you need to get done for your practice.

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Custom forms & templates

Hire us to create custom questionnaires and templates for you.

Practice management reports

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Group Practice: Total EMR Cost Comparison

Group practice pricing calculator

Select the number of licenses for your team from each plan to see the subscription cost.

Group practices

Automated chart importing

Unlimited admin assistants

Invoicing + auto-pay

Pre-screen form in public profile

Get started with paperwork quickly!

Expand Your Practice with Telehealth

Expand Your Practice with Telehealth