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Top Luminello Demo Questions

1) How is Luminello different from the other EMRs and EHRs out there?

We’re easy on the eyes, yet powerful under the hood. Throw in great pricing and highly trained customer service, and you’ll see why clinicians switch to us everyday. Check out how we compare to DrChrono, Kareo, Practice Fusion,  SimplePractice, Therapy Notes, and Valant.

2) How do I move my charts to Luminello?

Luminello offers free automated imports of demographic info using our template, and we have a unique, free importer for those coming from Simple Practice. If you have more complex needs, we are happy to customize a solution for you. Also check out our Getting Started and migration tips article.

3) What are the credit card processing fees?

2.90% +$.30/transaction, with no monthly fees or minimum volume.

4) What are the insurance claim submission fees?

Therapist Unlimited plan: $0.19/claim
Prescriber Lite plan: $0.29/claim
Prescriber Unlimited plan: $0.39/claim

5) Can prescribers send a controlled substance prescription in any state?

Our EPCS works in all 50 states, and we even offer integrated PDMP checking right in the e-rx workflow. See how easy it is to send a C2.

6) Do you have forms and templates?

Yes, we do! Luminello offers premium-plan subscribers pre-built forms, as well as the ability to create custom forms and note templates to fit your clinical and administrative needs. You can even hire us to create your own forms as well. And, you can send rating scales, questionnaires and administrative forms directly to patients/clients in the portal for them to e-sign or fill out. Read all about our custom forms and templates.

7) How do you save me time in the intake process?

  • We offer a pre-screen form for premium-plan subscribers. It can easily save you a long phone call!
  • Patients/clients can fill out their demographic info in the portal. Premium subscribers can also have their patients/clients book online, enter their credit card info, e-sign forms, and more.
  • Premium subscribers can send an intake questionnaire for completion. Once done, you can pre-populate your intake note with the answers – huzzah!

8) Is it an easy process for my patients/clients to sign up for & use?

Yes, with a simple click you can invite them to the portal. It takes them under a minute to set up their account. Learn more about all of our portal time-saving features.

9) What kind of customer support do you offer?

  • To get you set up fast, we offer a a comprehensive help center, and for premium plan subscribers, a custom onboarding session. Additional training at very low rates is also available.
  • We spend a lot of time on training our customer support representatives, and they’re available via email (and for premium plan subscribers, via chat) to answer your questions weekdays 7am-10pm ET and weekends 8am-4pm ET.
  • For premium plan subscribers, to keep you from having to wait on hold, we offer online booking for troubleshooting phone calls or screen shares.

10) Can I speak with a clinician who uses Luminello?

Sure! Just mention that you’d like that at any time during your demo, and we’ll put you in touch.

11) I just have a quick question before I sign up, can I call you?

We think seeing is believing and booking a demo is the best way to get your questions answered, but we’re happy to hear from you via chat or phone as well. You can chat with us by clicking the “Contact us” in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, or you can call our sales team at (855) GO4-LUMI (that’s 855-464-6864) Monday thru Friday, 9am-5pm PDT.


12) How does groups pricing work?

Groups and clinics can choose from any of our premium plans, on a monthly or annual basis. For example, if you’re mostly a group of therapists, with just a few prescribers, you can purchase licenses that reflect that ratio. And non-clinical assistants, and therapists in training, are always free. Why pay more?

13) Do you have reports to help us manage our group?

Yes, you can run many powerful and sophisticated reports that help you optimize the finances in your practice; measure quality of care; and understand how your clinicians are spending their time.  Learn more here.

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