Pricing options to fit any mental health private practice

    • All free features, plus:
    • Enhanced patient/client portal Details
    • Practice to-do list Details
    • Enhanced messaging Details
    • Online appointment booking Details
    • Charts shortcuts Details
    • 2 months free with a yearly plan!
    • All free + premium plan features, plus:
    • E-rx, incl. controlled substances (EPCS)
    • EPCS set-up assistance Details
    • Drug interaction checker
    • Surescripts formulary checker
    • The Carlat Report integrated rx info
    • 2 months free with a yearly plan!

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Integrate credit card payments into your charts

Live customer support    Chart integration    Portal payments

Together with our partner Bluefin, we offer credit card functionality integrated into your charts, client/patient portal payments, competitive rates, PCI security compliance support, and a human on the other end of the phone if you have questions.
credit card payments and EMR / EHR integration
Contact us or Bluefin directly at 800-675-6573 ext:7802

Friendly support

We're here to make your life easier! We offer the following types of support:

Step-by-step instructions are available 24/7 in our support portal

Feel free to email us a question anytime and we'll get back to you within a few business hours

If you’d like personalized, one-on-one assistance via phone/screenshare learn more about pricing for this option here

Extra security for your records

2-Factor authentication to protect your account access

Extra peace-of-mind for protecting your account access

It's optional -- you can turn it on whenever you want it

Easy to set up and use with your mobile device

Powered by Google's robust 2FA system

Enhanced patient/client portal

Patients/clients can:

See their next appointment

Create their own billing statements

Enter their credit card info and pay their bill

Enter their own demographic information

E-consent to practice policies or other documents

See a customized message (e.g., out of office notice)

Link to a Google map of your office.

Keep your practice in sync

Manages your tasks across your entire practice and every chart

Create practice-wide or chart-specific tasks

“Yellow sticky” reminders when you open a chart

Enhanced messaging

 Send out-of-office replies

 Create a custom signature

 View read-receipts

Save time. Let them book online.

Online booking allows your patients/clients to book appointment via the portal for exactly when, what, and where you specify.

Allow your patients/clients to book appointments from the portal

Set custom time slots to make available for online bookings

Specify appointment length and "padding" between appointments

Only shows available openings in the portal, not your entire calendar

Receive notifications when appointments are booked

Display your cancellation policy

Charts shortcuts

Text snippets let you define "stock phrases" with quick typing shortcuts. Saves ooodles of time!

One click from the dashboard creates pre-cloned notes ready for you to edit for ALL of today's patients/clients.

 Keep track of tasks for each patient/client - and let the "yellow sticky" remind you each time you pull up the chart ☺

Setting up e-prescribe

Due to the highly regulated nature of e-prescribing, set-up is a multi-step process. Don’t worry, we’re here to get you through it:

First, to see the set-up process in its entirety, read the setting up e-prescribe guide. (You may wish to view the special instructions for your practice administrator or “trusted verifier” for controlled substance prescribing as well.)

Feel free to email us a question at any point along the process, or check out our support site for e-prescribing how to’s and using Luminello

If you’d like personalized, one-on-one assistance via phone/screenshare learn more about pricing for this option here

We promise e-prescribing is a breeze once set-up is complete!