Appointment Scheduling

A calendar scheduling software should be … a calendar

We believe the most user-friendly electronic/health medical record (EMR/EHR) is the one that makes complex tasks simple and lightweight. With that in mind, we designed our calendar to be clean and intuitive, yet highly functional. Psychiatrists and therapists can use our scheduling software to book and update appointments with ease. Our appointment scheduling software also has great features, like online booking, setting recurring appointments, patient check-ins, and more. Our software is HIPAA-compliant, and free to use.

What makes our appointment scheduling calendar so special?

  • Fast, easy and efficient to use
  • Intuitive, with a style and layout similar to other calendars like Google Calendar
  • Quick pop-ups to create new appointments in just a few clicks
  • Book a follow-up appointment while you’re seeing a patient/client
  • Send auto-reminders to patients/clients and/or yourself
  • Clone a note right from the appointment, so you can dive right in to the session.
  • Four different calendars available to customize
  • In each chart, view both past and future appointments, who booked the appointment and, if it was cancelled, who cancelled it
  • Flexible options for setting recurring appointments
  • “Check-in” patients/clients directly on their calendar appointment
  • Keep track of billing in the calendar when you link it to an appointment
  • Today’s schedule also appears on your main dashboard
  • It’s free as part of our standard EMR/EHR

Premium Plan Additional Features

In addition, our premium plan-subscribers also have access to:

  • Online appointment booking for your patients/clients (you control what times are available)
  • Specify and use up to 15 different calendars within your Luminello account
  • A centralized calendar for groups, where all clinician appointments can be seen together (see screenshot):
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Online Booking Premium feature

Regain time lost on phone calls and emails spent trying to schedule appointments, and empower your patients/clients with online booking via your Luminello calendar. With one of any of our premium plans, our flexible online booking system let’s you:

  • Make time available for online booking through the portal
  • Set and control custom time slots on your calendar for online booking
  • Specify appointment length and “padding” between appointments
  • Only shows available openings in the portal, not your entire calendar
  • Receive notifications when appointments are booked
  • Display your cancellation policy when appointments are being booked.
  • See how it works »
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Luminello offers US-based administrative, marketing and billing services via our Luminello Certified partner, Mazza Virtual Assistants. You can pick any services you like, for any amount of time. No long-term contracts, no minimums, just pay for what you use. We’ve negotiated special volume-discount pricing as well.

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