An EMR calendar should be … a calendar

We believe the most user-friendly electronic/health medical record (EMR/EHR) is one that makes complex tasks simple and lightweight. With that in mind, we designed our calendar to be clean and intuitive, yet highly functional for psychiatrists and therapists. That way you can book and update appointments with ease.

What makes the calendar so special?

  • Fast, efficient to use
  • Familiar style and layout to other calendars you already know how to use
  • Quick pop-ups to create new appointments in just a few clicks
  • You can book a follow-up appointment while you’re seeing a patient/client
  • Send auto-reminders to patients/clients and/or yourself
  • In each chart, view both past and future appointments
  • In each chart, view who booked the appointment, and if it was cancelled, who cancelled it
  • Flexible options for setting recurring appointments
  • Today’s schedule also appears on your main dashboard
  • It’s free – available as part of our standard EMR/EHR!
  • And, online booking for your patients/clients is available in our premium plans.

Online Booking Premium Feature

Regain your time lost on phone calls and emails trying to schedule appointments, and empower your patients/clients with online booking via your Luminello calendar. With one of any of our premium plans, our flexible online booking feature let’s you:

  • Make time available for online booking through the portal
  • Set and control custom time slots on your calendar to be available for booking online
  • Specify appointment length and “padding” between appointments
  • Only shows available openings in the portal, not your entire calendar
  • Receive notifications when appointments are booked
  • Display your cancellation policy right where appointments are being booked.
  • See how it works »

Here’s what the Luminello calendar looks like:

Luminello EMR Calendar

Luminello’s calendar is modeled after popular online calendars that you already know how to use.


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