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Finally, an EMR built by and for psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and counselors! Compare our EMR / EHR and see how easy it is to use, how affordable it is, and why many behavioral and allied health clinicians switch to Luminello. Manage your private practice with all the features and tools you need, and less of the stuff that you don’t.

In this page, we outline the differences between some of the other EMR and EHR software providers that our clinicians often switch from, including Practice Fusion, Valant, Simple Practice, Kareo, and others. This comparison information below is based on the feedback clinicians have shared with us about their experiences with those systems.

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Luminello vs Generic EMRs

Generic EMRs
  • Aim to serve as large a market for physicians as possible, and therefore include features for all medical professions, thereby leading to overwhelming, crowded screens and inefficient workflows (“click click click click…”)
  • There are no free versions on the market currently
  • Some make money by selling ads to you while you use it, and charging high markups for add-ons, such as insurance claim processing.
  • Most require a long-term contract.
  • Some limit e-prescribe controlled substances to certain states.
  • To reduce costs, most don’t invest heavily in customer service – which is why it can take days to weeks to hear back from them when you have a question.
  • Some have unclear policies about what they do with non-anonymized patient data.
  • Focused on serving the needs of behavioral and allied health providers exclusively – Luminello is designed by and for them, and therefore has just what you need, but no unnecessary features.
  • Clean, clear and easy-to-use screens.
  • Offers a free lifetime version.
  • Does not display advertisements in free or paid versions.
  • E-prescribe controlled substances in all 50 states.
  • Pricing clearly displayed on our site, with no long-term contract required.
  • Invested in your success, and so we invest heavily in customer service – we respond to you within hours, not days.
  • Will never sell non-anonymized patient data.
  • Not funded by venture capital or run by major corporation, so we have 100% control over the features we offer and rates we charge.
  • And, our founder uses Luminello every day!

Luminello vs Mental Health EMRs

Luminello and other mental health EMRs focus on serving the same community, but go about doing so in different ways.

Other Mental Health EMRs
  • Screens are often “clunky” and “not intuitive.”
  • Some don’t embrace a “do everything for the customer as fast as possible” customer service philosophy.
  • Some do not offer e-prescribing.
  • Most have pricing and terms that are not as favorable as Luminello’s.
  • None offer a free-for-life plan.
  • Built to be simple, following our core tenant to be user-friendly – and reinforced daily by our founders (a psychiatrist and a designer).
  • Offers e-prescribing, integrated Carlat med info, and coming soon … e-labs and e-prior authorization.
  • Gives you a free public profile.
  • Allows you to pre-screen potential new patients/clients before you communicate with them.
  • Will never make you sign a long-term contract or pay any EMR set-up fee.
  • Invested in your success, and so we invest heavily in customer service. We respond to you within hours, not days.
  • Has a free plan that you can use for as long as you like, until you decide to add premium features.

Stuck in a long-term contract? Learn more to find out how you can use Luminello premium features for free.

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