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An electronic medical/health record you’ll actually like

Most EMR and EHR tools are clunky, ugly, slow, and/or largely get in the way of an efficient practice. Luminello was built from the opposite perspective: we designed a tool with features that would blend in gracefully and efficiently in your practice; one that is functional, yet intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. The right features at the right time.


With our clean, simple layout, you can dive right into your notes. We offer several standard varieties of notes: intake, free text, SOAP, rating scales, labs, and vitals. In addition, premium subscribers can create and use custom note templates to fit their unique needs and practice.

To save you time we’ve added the ability to clone previous notes. With our clone last note feature you can pick up right where you left off in your last visit. And from your dashboard, you can clone the most recent note for every patient/client on your schedule for the day with one click!

We also feature a small but powerful shortcut called text snippets – allowing you to create shortcut phrases to save time typing frequently used longer phrases in notes!

Calendar / Scheduling

Book appointments in a snap with the calendar scheduler. View your appointments on a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar. Send automatic email confirmations and appointment reminders, and choose when you want them to be sent. And, you can streamline your scheduling even more with patient/client online booking. Goodbye bulky appointment book.


Bill for sessions and record payments with a few clicks. Quickly define your billings codes, payers, and rate tables once, then set your defaults to streamline your regular billing tasks. Create billing statements that you can email within the portal (or print and mail if you insist) in no time. And with our integrated credit card payments and insurance billing features, collecting payments is easy as pie!

Email and referrals

Want to receive e-referrals from primary care docs and/or colleagues? Want to communicate securely with them about mutual patients/clients, or with your patients/clients directly? Luminello frees up your time for a more efficient practice and increased bottom line with HIPAA-compliant email and built-in referrals.

Public Profile & E-Screening

How long do you spend screening prospective new clients? We offer a customizable intake form that covers the essential clinical, scheduling, and payment information you need to know in order to move forward in the screening process. Premium subscribers can also customize their intake questionnaires, and automatically populate intake notes. And, if you don’t have a website, your Luminello public profile can become yours – one less hassle in your practice.

Assistants get free accounts

With every plan comes unlimited administrative assistant accounts for free. Set permissions to enable your assistant to: manage your charts, schedule appointments, send billing statements, update your account settings and billing info, and more – you decide each feature on a case-by-case basis. To invite your assistant, first sign up, and then when your account is active, invite your assistant from your Account Settings page.

And, more premium features

E-prescribe with ease Premium feature

Luminello is a Surescripts EPCS (Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances) certified e-prescribing platform that provides an easy-to-use, secure online e-rx tool as an add-on service to the EMR. It was designed by a practicing psychiatrist who understands the unique needs of e-prescribing psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Say goodbye to paying for paper prescriptions, the hassle of tracking them, and keeping written medication logs. Our e-prescribe service is quick, linked with the patient’s chart, and gives you valuable additional information like a medication favorites list, a medication interaction checker, and individual patient’s formulary status, pharmacy location, and medication history. In addition, Luminello provides EPCS in all 50 states.

Custom forms and rating scales Premium feature

In addition to custom note templates, our form editor features allow you to create your own custom questionnaires and admin forms. Set your custom forms up, then send them to the portal to be completed. Easily add returned questionnaire responses directly into a note and safely store away the signed admin forms.

Luminello also provides forms for nine common rating scales/symptoms measures that are in the public domain. Easily send a rating scale to the portal to be completed or administer yourself during an appointment, then add the results to the chart.

Enhanced patient/client portal Premium feature

Patients/clients can be empowered to create their own insurance-ready billing statements, book and cancel appointments, enter or update their own demographic and payment info, see their next appointment, see a customized dashboard message when they log in (such as instructions to get to your office, an out-of-office message), and link to a map of your office location – all in our enhanced portal.

Enhanced messaging Premium feature

Set a custom signature, out-of-office auto-reply, send practice-wide messages, and view read-receipts with our enhanced messaging features.

Other great time savers Premium feature

Several other handy premium features include the to do list manager, automated text snippets for “stock phrases”, bulk cloning of notes, and several shortcuts for common tasks while composing notes.

Convenient integrations and add-on features

Insurance billing Add-on feature

Easily submit insurance billing claims via Luminello. We’ve made it convenient by integrating it into the existing EMR/EHR billing workflows, and include additional functionality, such as checking eligibility, resubmitting claims, and more in your unique claims portal.

Credit card payments Add-on feature

Accept credit card payments seamlessly within the EMR! With our partner Bluefin, Luminello allows you to charge, pre-authorize, and refund transactions right from the patient/client’s chart – and better yet, patients/clients can enter their own credit card info and pay in the portal.

Who can benefit from Luminello?

Any physician, therapist or allied health provider, their patients/clients, team members (teachers, lawyers, etc.) or practice associates (administrators, billers) can use Luminello for free. The advanced features of Luminello are specifically designed for psychiatrists, therapists, neuropsychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, educational therapists and behavioral pediatricians.

Luminello is fully HIPAA compliant

We’ve gone to great lengths to build our entire EMR/EHR to be HIPAA compliant and highly secure. Writing your notes in Microsoft Word, emailing patients/clients and colleagues in regular email, having a “contact” form on your website – none of this meets HIPAA standards. Why put your practice and professional reputation at risk any longer?

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