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E-prescribe controlled substances in all 50 states
Premium feature We believe the most user-friendly electronic medical record (EMR) is one that makes complex tasks simple and lightweight. With that in mind, we designed e-prescribe to be clean and easy, yet highly functional for psychiatrists and other prescribing mental health clinicians. You’ve never prescribed so efficiently before!

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What makes e-prescribe so special?

  • Send controlled substances – including multiple months worth – electronically (available in all 50 states)
  • E-refills, e-cancels
  • E-prior authorizations
  • PDMP integration available
  • Prescription interaction checker
  • Formulary information displayed and cost-saving coupons automatically generated
  • The Carlat Report medication information
  • FREE setup assistance with DEA e-prescribe requirements

E-prescribe a controlled substance

Here’s a look at how easy it is to send a controlled substance e-prescription. Simply select the medication you wish to send, the dose, and enter in the information you would normally include on a written prescription. The patient medication list gets updated automatically. Then to send, enter your PIN and security token and off it goes to the pharmacy.

What is required to set up e-prescribing?

As you sign up for Luminello, all you will need to get started is your:

  • DEA & NPI numbers
  • Office address, phone and fax
  • Smart phone (for security token)

What is EPCS?

E-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) is the electronic transmission of a prescription for a controlled substance to a pharmacy. Luminello’s EPCS system is certified by SureScripts and meets all Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requirements, and is available for all 50 states.

Here’s what our e-prescribing module looks like:

The e-prescribing (and e-refills) module is powerful, yet easy to use

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