E-prescribe with ease

We believe the most user-friendly electronic medical record (EMR) is one that makes complex tasks simple and lightweight. With that in mind, we designed e-prescribe to be clean and easy, yet highly functional for psychiatrists and other prescribing mental health providers. You’ve never prescribed so efficiently before!

Here’s what our e-prescribe module looks like:

Luminello EMR e-prescribe for psychiatrists

The e-prescribe (and e-refills) module is easy to use and provides helpful e-Rx resources.

What makes e-prescribe so special?

  • Send controlled substances – including multiple months worth – electronically
  • Includes e-refills!
  • Rx interaction checker
  • Formulary information for most patients
  • The Carlat Report medication information
  • FREE setup assistance with DEA e-prescribe requirements

e-Rx Getting Started Videos