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As a community by and for clinicians, we know that setting up your EMR requires time and thoughtfulness. We’ve gone to great lengths to getting you started as efficiently as possible.

Create your account in about two minutes.  You test any premium account for 30 days for free.  (Want a demo/walk-through first?  Book one now.)

While we’re verifying your license to keep our platform secure and for mental health, medical, allied health, and wellness clinicians only, check out our step-by-step getting started guide and check out our getting started webinars.

Follow our in-app getting started guide, and for premium plan and groups users, be sure to book your free one-on-one onboarding session so we can walk you through Luminello and/or answer any questions you have.

Importing from another EMR?

Complete the above steps, then contact our dedicated imports team at and:

Let us know you’d like to securely import records from another EMR and/or DrFirst. We’ll sign a BAA with you and walk you through it.  (Sneak peak: we’ll create charts and add in demographic info that you send us in this this template; or if you’re coming from Simple Practice, learn about our special auto-importer.) Any charts import that Luminello can automate we’re happy to do free of charge!

Let us know what your most important workflows and pain points were with your previous EMR, so we can customize our training for you.

Know that no import is complete until you’ve given us your approval.

John J. DiLallo, M.D., Child Psychiatrist New York, NY

For a long time my child psychiatrist colleagues and I deliberated about which EHR program to try for our private practices. I gave Luminello a try after finding out that it is designed by and for psychiatrists. I am quite happy with my decision– the record entry modes are great for my needs, the e-prescribing function has been seamless and efficient, the statement/ receipt generator saves me time, and the secure communication portal solves my HIPAA concerns. Best of all is the attitude of the founder, who seems very responsive to user feedback and keen on making the most useful system out there for people like me.

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Expand Your Practice with Telehealth