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You'll be up and running in no time

At Luminello we understand how daunting it might be to set up your psychiatry or therapy practice online. So we’ve gone to great lengths to make getting started with Luminello EMR/EHR as easy as can be:

Create your account in about two minutes.

While we’re verifying your license, check out our getting started guide

Dive in and create your first chart in under 30 seconds, or set up a one-on-one onboarding session and we’ll walk you through it.

EMR Setup: Migrating your notes to Luminello

Paper charts

From paper charts

Simply send us each chart. Scan each chart and we’ll get them uploaded for you as part of our custom onboarding services. (Don’t have a scanner? Did you know most fax machines allow you to create a PDF? If you’re not sure, send us your fax machine model and we’ll let you know how to do it!) To learn more, contact us!

MS Word

From MS-Word/Pages

Are you starting from your personal computer files? Get a patient/client’s notes from your computer to Luminello in about a minute. Simply create a chart, then upload your .docx/.pages file into each chart easily.

Pricing Plans

Stuck with an old EMR?

We can import charts from almost all other EMRs!  First ask your current EMR vendor what they can export, that contact us to work out the details.

Demographic & Billing Info

Including demographic and billing info

Luminello only requires a name and email to create a chart – meaning you can set up your patient/client roster in no time.

  • When active patients/clients are in front of you in session, you could then get more non-required info if you want into the chart, such as, “we are starting to use Luminello, can we review – your address is … and your phone is … and your birthday is … ” – so that you don’t have to do it all at once.
  • For billing, you can say, “okay, you have a $100 balance … I’ll send you a final billing statement from our old system, then your first statement from Luminello will start with a balance of $100.”
  • To start the first note, consider copying and pasting your last note directly from your computer or old EMR into Luminello.
  • You won’t believe how quickly the whole process will be done. But don’t take our word for it, try it for free with just one patient/client to see for yourself!
Pricing Plans

Custom chart migration options

If you’d like us to help you migrate and set up your charts in Luminello, we are happy to provide additional custom onboarding assistance. We offer various levels of service to help save you hours of precious time.

How to approach the migration process

The “Marathon” Route:

Spend a weekend, or block a day or two off from work. Transfer all the info. Done. (And for inactive patient charts, consider if you really need to transfer them over.)

The “easy as you go” approach:

Day by day, create new Luminello charts by spending a few minutes with patients/clients at the beginning or end of their sessions.

John J. DiLallo, M.D., Child Psychiatrist New York, NY

For a long time my child psychiatrist colleagues and I deliberated about which EHR program to try for our private practices. I gave Luminello a try after finding out that it is designed by and for psychiatrists. Six months in and I am quite happy with my decision– the record entry modes are great for my needs, the e-prescribing function has been seamless and efficient, the statement/ receipt generator saves me time, and the secure communication portal solves my HIPAA concerns. Best of all is the attitude of the founder, who seems very responsive to user feedback and keen on making the most useful system out there for people like me.

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