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Patient Messaging …it’s just like email

We designed patient messaging in the portal to be clean and easy, yet highly functional for a mental health private practice or clinic. Stop wasting time on inefficient voicemail and phone tag, unsecured and non-compliant email (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.), and mailing forms via snail mail. Instead, communicate with your patients and clients with our easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant email. The most user-friendly electronic/health medical record (EMR/EHR) is one that makes complex tasks simple and lightweight.

Here’s what the inbox looks like:

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 3.30.52 PM
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Our messaging portal works and looks just like a normal email program, with the added benefits of being HIPAA compliant and integrated with your patient charts.

Messages features in all accounts

  • Time saver: there are no 10 second phone calls – but there are 10 second emails!
  • Import emails into charts with one click
  • Patients and clients can message you and/or your assistant – the clinician decides who can receive messages
  • Works and looks just like email programs you’re already familiar with
  • Fully HIPAA compliant
  • Auto-notifications can be sent to your (and your patient’s/client’s) email alerting you that you have a message waiting
  • Patients/clients never see your regular email address
  • Message drafts are auto-saved every 2 minutes

Messaging with premium accounts also includes:

  • Out-of-office auto replies
  • Custom email signatures
  • Read-receipts – the ability to see that a message has been read
  • Custom text snippet shortcuts for inserting common phrases into messages with just a couple of keystrokes.

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