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Integrate labs into Luminello Premium feature

No longer will you be required to type, print or fax labs, hoping the result shows up sometime in the future. Luminello’s EMR software has an e-labs feature, offering integrated sending, receiving and downloading of patient labs seamlessly into the electronic health record. From start to finish, the e-labs process is quick, simple to understand and easy to navigate, saving you valuable time by bringing your entire lab workflow online.

Key features of our E-Labs Software:

  • Send orders electronically right from within a patient’s chart
  • Patient’s demographic, diagnostic, and insurance information auto-populates
  • Automatic e-mail notifications are generated when results are available to review
  • Results are displayed in the labs section for each patient, as well as practice-wide in Charts > E-labs.
  • Easily add results to the patient’s chart with a simple click
  • If you choose to print results, that’s also just a click away

Sending E-Labs is a seamless workflow built right into your charts.

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Easily review and add labs to your patient charts with just a few simple clicks.

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Reduce the stress of waiting for you and your patients.

Adding E-Labs into your EHR workflow not only makes your practice more efficient but can also help you reduce the number of missed or delayed lab appointments due to lost orders. It also makes it easier for your lab partners to push results directly into your EHR, allowing you to provide your patients with their results and treatment options sooner.

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