Billing is a breeze in Luminello

Printing, folding, stuffing and mailing billing statements to patients/clients is a terrible way to spend your valuable time. Paying a biller to do that for you isn’t much better. And, sending out statements via your e-mail account isn’t HIPAA compliant.

There’s a better way – with Luminello you can record the bills for sessions directly in your charts, track payments, create statements with a few clicks and securely email them to your patients within Luminello. And, it’s free – as part of our standard EMR/EHR!

In addition, you can choose to add the ability to accept credit card payments, which is integrated right into the charts, accounts receivables, and payment history. And premium plan subscribers can even allow their patients/clients to generate their own statements via the portal – saving hours per month – and run their own credit card!

Need to submit claims for payment by insurance companies? We’ve integrated a convenient way to manage insurance billing directly from your regular Luminello billing workflows.

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In the billing and financial areas, you can:

  • Record bills for a session directly from a note
  • Create statements with a few clicks
  • Securely email bills to your patients/clients within Luminello
  • Allows patients/clients to generate their own statements in the portal (premium feature)
  • Create you own billing codes, including for multiple payers with unique rate tables
  • Assign a patient/client to a unique payer rate table
  • Assign a default billing code for your practice or just for one patient/client
  • View your accounts receivables payments status and run credit cards on the spot
  • View your practice’s billing history
  • View your practice’s payment history
  • And, try our add-on service: electronic insurance billing.

Need help with your billing?

Luminello offers US-based administrative, marketing and billing services via our Luminello Certified partner, Mazza Virtual Assistants. You can pick any services you like, for any amount of time. No long-term contracts, no minimums, just pay for what you use. We’ve negotiated special volume-discount pricing as well.

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