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Public Profile: Market your practice in minutes

Luminello isn’t just an EMR/EHR. We also make it easier for prospective patients and clients to learn more about your practice, and pre-screening prospective patients/clients far more efficient. Every Luminello user gets a Public Profile for free. If you don’t have a website, your Public Profile on Luminello can be your primary presence on the web (or if you do have a website, you can link directly to your profile and request form).

You control what information goes into our beautiful one-page template – business hours, general availability, insurance policies, conditions treated, etc. You can even display a photo or your logo. It’s free and no design or coding skills needed – just input your info and go!

In addition, your Pre-screening Form is displayed on the same page, making it easy and convenient to show your general availability and profile information alongside this request form. We believe this will result in better informed requests and intake, saving you a great deal of time.

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Here’s an example of a provider’s Public Profile.

Mental health private practice public profile page

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