Insurance Billing

Integrated private practice insurance billing Add-on feature

Mental health clinicians can easily submit insurance billing claims via Luminello at some of the lowest per-claim rates out there. We know that billing insurance companies and managing the process can be daunting for a private practice. And, unless you run a strictly cash-pay practice, you are likely all to familiar with the regulations, forms, and processes that come along with insurance billing. So we’ve made it more convenient by integrating it into the existing EMR/EHR billing workflows, in conjunction with our partner ApexEDI.

Key features of insurance billing

  • Great per-claim rates – $.19/claim, including ERAs and eligibility checks, for therapist unlimited plan subscribers; $.29/claim for prescriber lite plan subscribers; and $.39/claim for prescriber unlimited plan subscribers
  • Submit claims electronically from the billing area with a few clicks.
  • Get notified when claims have been adjudicated.
  • The chart billing history gets updated automatically.
  • Patients and clients can enter their own insurance information in the portal.
  • Your unique ApexEDI portal includes additional functionality, such as checking eligibility, resubmitting claims, and more!
  • You can contact ApexEDI support M-F 10am-7pm ET at (800) 840-9152.
  • With Luminello for groups, you can have one group account for all your claim submissions

Convenience + Great Customer Support

The convenience of having insurance billing integrated into Luminello’s regular billing flow saves you time, and getting direct customer support from the ApexEDI insurance billing experts and portal is a valuable combination of resources.

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Run advanced reports in the ApexEDI OneTouch portal.

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  • Claims by status: Filters the reports by the status of the claims.
  • Submitted claims and Charges: The total amount of submitted claims and the total amount charged.
  • Total Amount Paid: Total amount of paid claims and total amount paid.
  • Payments by Procedure Code: Filters the payments by procedure code.
  • Claims by Payer: Filters results by the payer.
  • Claims by Provider: Filters results by the clinician.
  • Claims by Procedure Code: Filters results by procedure code.

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Luminello offers US-based administrative, marketing and billing services via our Luminello Certified partner, Mazza Virtual Assistants. You can pick any services you like, for any amount of time. No long-term contracts, no minimums, just pay for what you use. We’ve negotiated special volume-discount pricing as well.

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